Training & Certification 

Upcoming Courses & Events

NEWWA offers more than 300 training courses each year on distribution, treatment, water resources, public education, cross connection, backflow prevention, safety, security, and management. View our calendar to see and register for upcoming courses. Please note that you must establish a username and password in order to register for a course, even if you are not a NEWWA member. 

Course Descriptions

Want to learn more about what you would learn in one of our courses? Visit our course description page that lists all our courses, full descriptions, and how many credit hours you will earn by attending. 

Training Facility Addresses

Heading to one of our training centers? Get the address here and plug it into your GPS. 

CEU/Transcript Requests

Need a transcript of the courses you've taken with NEWWA for either your records or license renewal? Get information here on how we can get that to you. 

Certification & Licensing 

Looking for information on how to become a certified operator? This is the page. It also includes information on NEWWA's Certificate Program and Excavation Safety & Backhoe/Front-End Loader Programs.

Exam Results

Students! Did you take our 6- or 12-week concepts courses? Then you've come to the right place to find your exam result. 

Free Online Learning Courses

From online commissioner training to small systems courses - visit this page to access these materials for free.