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As a NEWWA member, you can attend regional training courses, conferences, symposia, and meetings at discounted rates, access NEWWA, Inc.'s Journal and newsletters, receive regional updates on legislative and regulatory matters affecting public drinking water, sit on NEWWA's committees, and enter a large network of water works professionals from across six states.  

Note that NEWWA, Inc. membership DOES NOT afford you AWWA benefits. 

To sign up for NEWWA membership, apply online by logging into your NEWWA account and clicking the Join Now button at the bottom of your profile page or under My Memberships on the left. Alternatively, click the below button to complete the PDF application or contact Mary Quigley at

Types of Memberships:

Individual - Discounted rates for operators, retirees, and students

Utility - Categorized by number of service connections

Service Provider - Categorized by gross annual sales to the water industry

NOTE: Effective June 20, 2023, NEWWA will no longer be affiliated with the American Water Works Association.


NEWWA Welcome Kit

The Membership Committee created this presentation as an interactive guide to NEWWA's membership benefits. Click through section by section for a full overview or click directly on a topic.

If you have membership questions please contact Mary Quigley.

Membership Expiring? Renew Today!

Invoices are emailed to members 60 days before their membership expiration date, then in intervals of 30 days until the end of their 60 day grace period. Return the invoice to NEWWA with payment or pay online using the unique URL in the invoice. Emails come from—check your Spam folder if you do not see your renewal notice in your inbox. Contact NEWWA to request a new copy of an invoice via email, fax or mail.

Each year the Membership Committee runs a Member Drive where recruiters and sponsored new members are entered into a drawing for some great prizes donated by our sponsors and supporters.

Already a member? Get recruiting! Think about how you first got involved or became a NEWWA member—more likely than not someone just simply asked you. Why not do the same and continue the cycle? And in the process, you can be entered to win great prizes! Simply list yourself as a "referring member" on your recruit’s membership form.

Theme for 2023: "Cast Away Your Doubts"

Prizes are awarded each year at NEWWA’s December Membership Meeting. Good luck and get recruiting!





Most of us have been there—we’re new to the profession, new to the association, and know little to few people. Walking into a reception, event, or even course can be very intimidating, especially when you look around at all the different groups laughing and talking together. You may wonder: “how can I fit in?” and “where do I start?”

15 years ago, NEWWA and its Membership Committee recognized this issue, and from there the Mentoring Program was born. The program, which lasts from 6-12 months, pairs a new member (mentee) with a more “established” member (mentor), to help the new member gain greater knowledge of NEWWA and the profession, and hopefully make a friend in the process.

The program started in 2008 and since then has seen more than 50 mentees complete the program, with 30 mentors assisting along the way. Want to learn more about the association or water profession in general? This 6-12 month program is the way to go. A mentee may begin the program at any time and is allowed 6-12 months to complete it.

There are great opportunities for both new and young members to get involved as a mentee, and even greater opportunities for existing members to become a mentor! If you’re interested in either, please contact the Mentor Program Coordinators:

Lauren Underwood -

Emma Page -

Michaela Bogosh -

NEWWA staff support:

Mary Quigley -




NEWWA publishes an annual Member Roster that is sent to all members in December. In September of each year members receive notification to update their information and an opt-out option for the roster. Members need to ensure that their information is up to date with the association. Note that the roster is a NEWWA member benefit and only NEWWA members receive a copy.

The Member Roster, in addition to listing the names and contact information for all NEWWA's members (individual, utility, and associate/consultant), includes:

  • A brief history of NEWWA

  • Lists of NEWWA's officers and key staff

  • Committee listings, including chairs and vice/co-chairs

  • NEWWA past officers and editors

  • NEWWA, Inc., Bylaws

  • Award winners, including historical information

  • Award committee rules

  • A listing of past meetings

  • Photos

  • Advertisements

The Membership Roster is designed, produced, and mailed by Naylor Publications, Inc. They also perform all advertising solicitations each year for the publication. Click here for information on adversiting in the Member Roster.