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About the Alumni Club

The Alumni Club is a group of retired and semi-retired members of NEWWA dedicated to keeping members engaged in the association after they leave the workforce. The Alumni Club co-sponsors annual events such as the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum Tour. Members also contribute articles to NEWWA's Source newsletter.

2023 Photography Contest

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2022 Photography Contest Results

1st Place - "Ware River Intake, Barre, MA - Winter"
Photographer: James Grace

2nd Place - "
View of the Merrimack River from the Newburyport Water Treatment Plant"
Photographer: Bryan Sadowski

3rd Place - "
Overnight Draining of the Millis Water Tank"
Photographer: Matthew Donovan

Catching the Last Taste of Winter at the Pond.                                  "Mt. Zion at Quabbin Reservoir"       
Gravelly Pond WTF, MBTS, MA"                    Photographer: John Gregoire
Photographer: Benjamin Patten                                                        

"Boat Wake at Shaft 12 - Quabbin"                                                           "Quabbin Reservoir Island"      
Photographer: John Gregoire                                                            Photographer: John Gregoire

"Quabbin Reservoir Islands"                                                           "Calm Quabbin from the Bow"      

Photographer: John Gregoire                                                            Photographer: John Gregoire

"Shaft 12 Intake at Quabbin Reservoir"                                                           "Quabbin Swillway Approach"      

Photographer: John Gregoire                                                            Photographer: John Gregoire

"Wachusett Reservoir Shoreline"                       
"Fort Augustus Locks in Scotland"
Photographer: John Gregoire                      Photographer: Bryan Sadowski


"Pipe Gallery of the Philip J. Holton Water Treatment Plant"          "High Service Tank"
Photographer: Bryan Sadowski             Photographer: Marc Viggiani                    

"Ware River Intake, Barre, MA."          "Ware River Intake, Barre, MA."
Photographer: James Grace          Photographer: James Grace

 "Ware River Intake, Barre, MA."           "Ware River Intake"
Photographer: James Grace          Photographer: James Grace

"Quabbin Intake"          "Quabbin Intake"
Photographer: James Grace          Photographer: James Grace

"Winsor Dam Intake, Belchertown, MA"          "Quabbin Spillway, Belchertown, MA"
Photographer: James Grace          Photographer: James Grace

"Quabbin Spillway, Belchertown, MA"          "Quabbin Intake, Belchertown, MA"
Photographer: James Grace           Photographer: James Grace

"Swift River Release Belchertown, MA."          "Water!"
Photographer: James Grace            Photographer: Myles Killar

"Water Works Welding, 12" Inlet/Outlet"           "Steel Water Standpipe, Interior Light"
Photographer: Myles Killar          Photographer: Myles Killar

"Steel Water Reservoir, Welded Coupling"          "Behind the Scenes, Water Storage 
Photographer: Myles Killar           Tank Rehabilitation"
                                                 Photographer: Myles Killar

"Light Beams, Steel Water Standpipe"       "
Welding at Height, Steel Water Standpipe"
Photographer: Myles Killar          Photographer: Myles Killar

"Welding & Light, Steel Water Standpipe"          "Composite Water Tower, Interior"
Photographer: Myles Killar          Photographer: Myles Killar

"Steel Water Standpipe Structural Scaffolding"          "Winter Water"
Photographer: Myles Killar           Photographer: Myles Killar

"Rangley, Maine, 2021"           "Even the Canoes Match the Scenery
Photographer: Charles Larson          in Rangley, Maine"

          Photographer: Charles Larson

          "The Kids and Their Dog on the Pond"          "A Boy and His Dog Enjoying a Boat Ride"
in Rangley, Maine"          Photographer: Charles Larson
Photographer: Charles Larson

"Inside of 1.25 mg Indian Hill North Water Tank               Photographer: Matthew Donovan
in Worcester MA, During Blast & Prime."          
Photographer: Robert Sims          


No contest in 2021

2020 Photography Contest Results


1st Place - "Well Pump Girl, Kalomo, Zambia. Engineers Without Borders, BU Chapter, Water Development Project."
Photographer: John Gregoire

2nd Place - "Quabbin Reservoir Shoreline in Early Morning."
Photographer: John Gregoire

3rd Place - "Autumn Reflections at Chocorua Lake: A View of the Legendary Mount Chocorua, Tamworth, NH."
Photographer: Michael Pelletier


                  "Dry Quabbin Reservoir Spillway in Fall"                        "Ferns and Stone Wall - Quabbin Reservoir Watershed in Fall"
Photographer: John Gregoire                                                             Photographer: John Gregoire


            "Northern Quabbin Reservoir Open Water"                          "Winsor Dam Intake at Ice-Covered Quabbin Reservoir"
    Photographer: John Gregoire                                                             Photographer: John Gregoire


       "Quabbin Watershed Pond in Fall"                                                   "Fells Reservoir Shoreline in Early Summer"
Photographer: John Gregoire                                                                   Photographer: John Gregoire


       "Angry Clouds Over Sudbury Reservoir Dam"                         "Girls carrying water to their village, Ddegeya, Uganda.
               Photographer: John Gregoire                                     Engineers Without Borders, MIT Chapter, Water
                                                             Development Project."
                                                                                                           Photographer: John Gregoire   


       "Boys Carrying Water to Their Village, Ddegeya, Uganda.         “Completed Rainwater Harvesting Cistern
Engineers Without Borders, MIT Chapter, Water                                            for Local Community Water Supply,                
                                        Photographer: John Gregoire                                            Ddegeya, Uganda. Engineers Without Borders,                                                                                                                        Development Project.”
                                                                                                              Photographer: John Gregoire 



                    "Rip Rap Along Tower Hill Pond,                                         "Waters of the United States: The Tigress Catboat                                                           Manchester, NH Water Supply"   ​                           Navigating Edgartown Harbor, Martha's Vineyard"                                        Photographer: Victoria Hawkes                                                            Photographer: Michael Pelletier                   



                                       "St. Lucia Stunning Afternoon"                                                           "Chestnut Hill Reservoir Life"
                                         Photographer: Ray Raposa                                                               Photographer: Ray Raposa


                   "St. George River Afternoon Mist"                   "Retirement - Square Pond, Alfred Water District, Alfred, Maine"
Photographer: Ray Raposa                                                       Photographer: Chris Weismann


  "Home Again - Mount Desert Island, Maine                          "Fall Surveillance - Salmon Falls River,                 
(The water cycle keeps on rolling.)"                          surface water source, Berwick Water Department, 
 Photographer: Chris Weismann                                           Berwick, Maine"                                     
Chris Weismann  


"We Are Keystones - Berwick Water Department,                                 "Flooded Road, Watershed Patrol                
Berwick, Maine. (Water Operators make it all work.)"                              - Alfred Water District, Alfred, Maine”            
Photographer: Chris Weismann                                                    Photographer: Chris Weismann

"Pump Station Visit - Not Plowed, Steep Hill,
Car Might Not Get Out
Alfred, Maine."
Photographer: Chris Weismann

2019 Photography Contest Results

Thank you to all of our participants!
Theme: Related to Drinking Water

1st Place - "Sunrise on the new Auburn Water District's twin 600,000 gallon Leicester St. Tanks"
Photographer: Kenneth Smith

2nd Place - "Atkins Reservoir, Amherst, MA"
Santhosh Krishna Sekar

3rd Place - "Lake Tahoe"
Santhosh Krishna Sekar


          "New and Old water storage tanks at the                                        "Safe water helps plants grow"
          Auburn Water District's Leicester St. Tank Site"                              Photographer: Chuck Larson
          Photographer: Kenneth Smith



          "Boston City Skyline with Charles River"                                         "Lake Mead, Henderson, NV"
          Photographer: Santhosh Krishna Sekar                                           Photographer: Santhosh Krishna Sekar


                 "Water and nature!"                                                                       "Demolition of the 60 year old Auburn Water District
                Photographer: Santhosh Krishna Sekar                                        One Million Gallon Tank to make way for its
                                                                                                                              replacement with two 600,000 gallon tanks"
                                                                                                                              Photographer: Kenneth Smith


                    "Gazebo View of Winnipesaukee: Water source to Laconia.
                    Taken at NEWWA Summer Planning Session July, 2019."
                    Photographer: Michael Pelletier

2018 Photography Contest Results


1st Place - "Cosgrove Intake on a Calm Day."
Photographer: John Gregoire

2nd Place - "Weston Reservoir in Autumn"
Photographer: John Gregoire

3rd Place - "Spot Pond Foliage and Emergency Reservoir, Stoneham, MA"
Photographer: Michael Pelletier


"Glen Echo Dam Spillway and Stilling Basin                                                   "The Eddy Rooftop Pool, East Boston, MA
- Charlton MA, March 2018"                                                                              – rooftop view of Boston Harbor" 
Photographer: Robert Sims                                                                               Photographer: Bob Goober


  Photographer: Brooke Cotta                                                                          "Bridges to Prosperity Nicaragua Project"


"Cumberland, RI Water Tank Panel Raising."                                             "Cumberland, RI Water Tank view from roof 
 Photographer: Michael Enko                                                                         post-completion."
                                                                                                                           Photographer: Michael Enko 


Photographer: Brooke Cotta                                                                          "Lopresti Park, East Boston, MA– rooftop view of                                                                                                                                                     Boston Harbor."
                                                                                                                            Photographer: Bob Goober


"515,000 gallon prestressed concrete standpipe built on                                   Photographer: Brooke Cotta
Southport Island overlooking Boothbay Harbor, Maine"
Photographer: Christopher Hodgson


Photographer: Brooke Cotta                                                                         "Watercolor view of fisherman at Spot Pond Reservoir,
                                                                                                                           Pump Station and Elevated Water Storage Tank."
                                                                                                                           Photographer: Michael Pelletier


"Dry Quabbin Spillway in Autumn."                                                            "A blurring of the elements as the Zambarano Hospital
Photographer: John Gregoire                                                                       elevated water tank in Burrillville, RI blends with the beautiful
                                                                                                                          blue sky after repainting and repairs.
                                                                                                                           Photographer: George Palmisciano


"Wachusett Reservoir ice-out."                                                                      "Rain in the Forecast, Nantucket"
Photographer: John Gregoire                                                                        Photographer: George Allan


"Wachusett Spillway Channel in Winter"                                                      "Wachusett Reservoir Dam in Winter" 
Photographer: John Gregoire                                                                         Photographer: John Gregoire


"Lake Mjosa, Ringsaker, Norway.  Water supply for several                    "Peaceful Lake Winnipesaukee"
towns in Norway."                                                                                           Photographer: George Allan           
Photographer: Chuck Larson                                                       


"Foss Reservoir Spillway - Gothic"                                                                  "Quabbin Reservoir Spillway"
 Photographer: John Gregoire                                                                          Photographer: John Gregoire


"Locals crossing the river prior to the Bridges to Prosperity                   "Boston Harbor Recreation Boats"
San Vicente footbridge project in Nicaragua"                                             Photographer: George Allan


"An autumn day at Zealand Pond in the White Mountains of NH."       "Sudbury Reservoir Spillway"
Photographer: Thomas Morgan                                                                    Photographer: John Gregoire


"Lamppost Illuminating a Nor'easter's Water Delivery -                               "Mayor Menino Park - Rooftop view showing Boston Harbor - 
Billerica, MA"                                                                                                   Charlestown, MA"   
Photographer: Thomas Morgan                                                                    Photographer: Bob Goober


"Golden Water Fountains on the Plaza in the evening                           "You Can Look, But You Can't Touch--Drinking Water Reservoir
Seaport, Boston, MA."                                                                                   Winchester, MA."
Photographer: Michael Pelletier                                                                     Photographer: Michael Pelletier


"Secret public garden water fountain in Boston, MA"                           "Aerial View of Construction of the Kent Height Water Tank,
Photographer: Michael Pelletier                                                                 East Providence, RI"
                                                                                                                        Photographer: George Palmisciano


"Barden Reservoir, part of the Scituate Reservoir watershed."               "Construction of the Kent Height Water 
Photographer: George Palmisciano                                                              Tank, East Providence, RI."
                                                                                                                        Photographer: George Palmisciano


"Painting the Interior of the Oak Hill Tank in                                       "Renovations to the embankment, support wall, and spillway of  
Southborough, MA."                                                                                 Haskell Pond Dam, Gloucester, MA"
Photographer: George Palmisciano                                                        Photographer: George Palmisciano

"500,000 gallon prestressed concrete tank in Laconia, NH
overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee."
Photographer: Chris Hodgson


"Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona."                                                               "Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ, kids swimming."
Photographer: George Allan                                                                     Photographer: George Allan 


"Composite elevated tank, West Bridgewater, MA."                       "Constructing Well in Bridgewater, MA."
Photographer: George Allan                                                                Photographer: George Allan


Photographer: Brooke Cotta                                                                             Photographer: Brooke Cotta


 Photographer: Brooke Cotta                                                           "George Palmisciano from Pare Corporation standing atop
                                                                                                               the SUEZ Rhode Island’s new Tower Hill Water Tank in 
                                                                                                               South Kingstown, RI."
                                                                                                               Photographer: George Palmisciano


"Cumberland, RI Water Tank Roof Construction"                            "Lake Brienz, Switzlerland"
Photographer: Michael Enko                                                                 Photographer: Chuck Larson

"Elevated storage tank Chelmsford, MA."                                              "Evie with a Bass from a Farm Pond in Ellery Center, NY."
 Photographer: George Allan                                                                  Photographer: Chuck Larson


"The Rhodes Avenue Tank in Woonsocket, RI."   
Photographer: George Allan                         

"Cumberland, RI Water Tank view from the top"
Photographer: Michael Enko 

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