Headed to College? Already in a Program? Apply for a NEWWA Scholarship

The NEWWA Scholarship Committee expects to award the following scholarships on an annual basis to students seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees:

  • George E. Watters Memorial Scholarship ($5,000) – Civil engineering 
  • The Francis X. Crowley Scholarship ($3,000) – Civil engineering, environmental engineering, or business management at a 4-year college or university
  • Elson T. Killam Memorial Scholarship ($1,500) -  Civil engineering or environmental engineering at a 4-year college or university
  • The Joseph Murphy Scholarship ($1,500) – Civil engineering, environmental engineering, or a related science program or business program applicable to public water supply at an accredited college
  • The Michael Garofano Memorial Scholarship ($1,500) – Civil engineering, environmental engineering, or a water operations or related science-program
  • NEWWA Scholarships – Additional scholarships may be awarded to students, regardless of field of study, with preference given to those candidates whose programs of study are related to the water works industry.

The NEWWA Scholarship Committee also expects to award the following scholarship on an annual basis to operators:

  • Knowlton Operator’s Scholarship – To operators for training when budgetary constraints eliminate the opportunity for some to attend training for certification, advancement, or professional development.

The next scholarship application deadline is April 1, 2015. Students and operators must be members of NEWWA. Students must reside in New England or attend a college/university in New England to qualify.  Download the scholarship application forms and additional information here.

In addition to applying for a scholarship, you may make a donation to any of the specific scholarships,or to the general NEWWA fund. Your contribution will ensure these scholarships always have the means to continue providing much-needed funds to worthy college students entering the water works profession.

For further information on the scholarship program, or if you would like to make a donation to the scholarship fund, please contact Jeanine Plummer, Scholarship Committee Chair, at (508) 831-5142 or jplummer@wpi.edu. 

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